Our Story

We are Bill and Maggie, we have both lived and worked all of our lives in London. We have now decided to change all of that and move to Maggie’s ancestral home, the Isle of Eriskay.

Eilean Èirisgeidh
Isle of Eriskay


My parents left Eriskay in the late 50’s after marrying and having two children. They took the decision to leave Eriskay in order to give their children a better opportunity in life. They moved to London and started a new life which included another two children (me being the last addition to the family). They never lost touch with their childhood home returning every year and bringing their four children with them to visit family and friends. And so my love for this beautiful island began.     


My parents had a slightly different background; my father being a native Londoner and my mother was from the town of Galbally in the west of Ireland. My mother, like Maggies parents shared the need to leave her childhood home to find work. She chose London where she met and married my father and I became the eldest of six children. Maggie and I first met in 1987.  In 1988 I went on my first holiday to Eriskay and so my love for the island began. We have been married since 1989.

Bill and Maggie

After more than twenty years together working and living in London, in 2014 we decided that it was time to change the pace of our lives. We decided to build our long held dream home in Eriskay and to open it to guests as a bed and breakfast.


Please click the Buy Now button to pay your deposit by PayPal or Credit/Debit Card once your dates have been confirmed. Please note there is a 2 night minimum stay unless prior arrangements have been made.

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